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Aries Aries Horoscope
( Mar 21 - Apr 19)

If you get a chance to display your presentation skills, don't lose it, says Astrologer Anand. Your eloquence may receive wide acclaim. Your children too may give you reason to be proud. Do remember to take time out for the elderly in your family.

28-02-2021 - 06-03-2021

This week may bring mixed results for you. Some issues may crop up in your relationship. Moreover, there are chances of ego clashes or disagreement with family members. This week may test your strength and patience in a relationship. However, all these obstacles will make you aware of the importance of family and relationship. Singles may find their love of life this week. Besides, there are chances of challenges at your workplace. You are advised not to get aggressive in meetings or while having a discussion with seniors at your workplace. There may be sudden challenges in your project. You may get success in the fields like writing or journalism. Students in the technical field may get the desired success this week. Additionally, you may get inclined to research related work. But, this week you may get sudden financial expenditure due to health issues. Hence, you should take care of health and try to invest in health-related things which can help you in future. You are advised to have a healthy diet and be regular with yoga and exercise. Also, try to avoid junk food to maintain good health.

Mar 2021

This month may encourage you to take care of your health that you have been ignoring. Take time to exercise, eat right, get enough sleep, and seek medical attention for health issues as they arise. Stay cautious about your health as you may face some health issues this month. During this phase, you may feel low and weak. Also, you are suggested not to be aggressive while communicating with your family members and colleagues. Moreover, this month may bring average results for your love and relationship. Although, there are high chances that relationships will get back on track and will bring positivity to your life. Be honest and keep the commitments that you made. It may be the favorable time to dig deep and take inventory of what you have to offer someone in a relationship. Also, have clear communication with your beloved. If you are single, then you might meet that someone special with whom you will connect instantly. Financial gains are foreseen. Moreover, there are chances of increment in your income or may also get back the money that you have to lend to your friends or family. But at the same time, there are also chances of unplanned and sudden expenses. Additionally, there are chances of foreign travel. A piece of advice, try to cut down your unnecessary expenses. If you are involved in career-related digital media, then there are high chances of financial gains. You may also get sudden opportunities related to foreign countries. Moreover, there are chances of positive changes at your workplace and may also get new projects. Although, you need to work hard and with determination. Try to complete all your tasks on time, follow your schedules, and focus on the project and assignment given to you.If you are trying to go foreign for higher studies, then you may receive positive results this month.


["The year 2021 is likely to begin with very positive note and may also grant ease of working and general good fortune for you. Gradually the relations with friends and associates are likely to improve. During some mid parts of year 2021, certain planetary situations may bring new challenges at your career front. Kindly keep control on your negative thoughts during this period. During the later half of year 2021, your major professional ambitions are likely to get fulfilled. But, you are advised to control your temper otherwise you may lose certain relations.During the major parts of year 2021, you may become prosperous and experience growth in your financial status. In other words, you will be successful in monetary planning. It is a good time for long-term investments, but do not get lured into greedy schemes. There will be some phases in which your expenses will be more hence you may experience a little financial constraint. Hence, you are advised to stay away from adventurous speculations in share market this year. During the ending parts of this year, you may have better opportunities for gain and growth.As far as your love and relationship is concerned, you will be blessed with the positive cosmic powers for your love life. Your concentration this year should be only on enjoying rather than the expectations. You will keep on getting the support and love of your partner on most of the phases this year. You will also notice that your partner will be more active than before and this will give you good days of intimacy as well. However, there will also be some days in which love and intimacy may be little less but just remember that this is just a passing phase. As the year progresses, your partner's support for making love will increase gradually.Regarding your education and academic segment, planets will be moving in your favor during the major parts of this year 2021. In this whole year, you will put in lots of efforts mixed with some struggles related to your studies. However, there will also be some mental pressure regarding studies but you will get succeeded in all your tasks and examinations. This is going to make you feel immensely happy. There will be some days in which you may feel some laziness too but remember this is just a passing phase. In some phases, you will be very serious about your studies in the terms of progress overall development.As far as your married life and domestic life is concerned, major parts of year 2021 shall grant you tremendous success. Your desires for freedom will increase and you may not want to get tied up to a tedious routine life. However, there will also be some days in which some emotional issues might complicate things a little and might add up to your stress and frustration. So, don’t let such situations create some distance between you and your loved ones. There will also be some phases in which you will expect some changes in your domestic life. Before making any decision with regards to change, you need to speak to your loved one and see if they will be able to manage as well.As far as your health and fitness segment is concerned, you will be maintaining good rapport with friends, and they will inspire you or enthuse you. You will be filled with positive energy during many days. Your mind will be very sharp, and therefore your energy will be spent behind reflexes. However, there will be some days when you will feel very low. But, your thoughts and vibrations will be surely positive. In such days, you should try to remain calm and composed while dealing with anything and everything. Overall, your mental, physical and emotional quotient will remain high during the major parts of year 2021."]

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