Best Astrologer Pandith Anand Shastry
Cancer Cancer Horoscope
( Jun 21 - Jul 22)

The day shall find you in buoyant spirits, indicates Astrologer Anand. As you are feeling lively and full of beans, you will not mind slogging it out, even if in some mindless activities or chores. It is a perfect day for activities like gardening, cooking, baking and even for a nice house warming get-together. Evening stars encourage you to go all out and splurge – emotion-wise, money-wise or time-wise – on your sweetheart!

16-05-2021 - 22-05-2021

The week may be filled with imbalances, giving you different results throughout the phase. At times, you may feel overly anxious and get angry even on silly matters in your everyday life. Every cloud comes with a silver lining, and so you would experience positivity as the week advances. This would bring an air of confidence making you feel much better in your personal and professional worlds. Additionally, there are good chances of all your wishes and desires coming to fulfillment, leaving you relieved and content. This is likely to give a good opportunity to boost your financial growth at this time. The challenges during this week may encourage you to increase your efforts and prove your talents. These high spirited efforts may fetch you fruitful results in your education. Your lenient approach or irregularity may create some health problems, Hence, it is advisable to maintain strict discipline in your health this time.

May 2021

["Your inherent wisdom is likely to give you an edge and you may take important decisions which may help you sort out issues which have been pending for a long time. Your committed approach will be appreciated and you'll be well-placed in your career. You would perform many good deeds during this month. Your career path will most likely be on a smooth sail. It could be the best month to seek solutions and to fight odds with the best of your abilities. Your enthusiastic and energetic approach may help you march forward despite some stiff resistance. You will receive good opportunities to enhance your financial growth. As the month begins, you may feel that you are progressing slowly but positive momentum may pick up giving you some excellent opportunities for growth and financial gains. The transiting Jupiter and Venus may help your cause this month. However, Saturn would demand strict discipline. You may have a positive outlook and may be filled with many ideas which may bring some fresh moments in your love life. Optimism is your strength and you will take adversity in stride. Hence, despite some disruptions, your personal life may remain harmonious this month. You are likely to pursue higher education but with some challenges. There may be obstacles and success may come your way only after facing some stiff challenges. But, divinity seems to help and protect you during difficult times. It would be best if you watch your eating habits this month. Your careless approach or irregularity may cause some health issues."]


A year that will start on a sluggish note. 2021 as a year will be slightly challenging for native of Cancer zodiac sign. The transit of Saturn in Capricorn and its hash aspect upon your sign will be difficult to sail through. But Saturn is known to reward hard work and efforts. Therefore, all those Cancer zodiacs sign native willing to put in their sweat are likely to improve their fortune. At the same time, Jupiter will be transiting over Aquarius that will contain the impediments, however will-not completely put a pause to the same. It would be important to continuously work hard and make your new fortunes. With the advent of the year 2021, the year will see a continues rise in income. As Jupiter is aspecting income house of Leo and this will be the reason for improving income for the year. You will see cash balance to be improving and this will enhance your fortune. However, the aspect of Saturn upon your sing from Capricorn will make you see a rise in expenditure, alternatively. You will also see a rise in expenditure due to the transit of Jupiter through the zodiac sign of Aquarius. Make sure you do not rush up to any temptations and spend without looking up to the matter at hand.Considering the personal and romantic life of Cancer native, the year will be slightly challenging as misunderstandings will be the reason for fights. Saturn in the house of partner and its aspect upon your sign will be cause of misunderstanding. More so in the middle of the year starting from May till September 2020. Around this phase, Saturn will also aspect the house of romance and love which will lead to continues fights and personality clash. You are advised not to be harsh and firm upon your point of view this year.Having touched about the issues of romance and love, other areas of life is also important to be analysed. Such as education and academics. The year 2021 will demand more of efforts by students. Do not expect the support of luck to enhance your fortune as this will take away your scope of securing good grades. Again, the year is average for skills enhance learning through formal education. You can however, take up vocational learning to improve your knowledge as you will put your knowledge on regular practise. This will enable you to improve your working knowledge for the days to come.With knowledge, the urge to earn via proper career will also be high this year. Cancer native who have been looking for stability in career will find one. There will be more of work and less of time to leisure. You will be putting double efforts to make yourself felt within your company and organisation. This effort from your side will be successful to elevate your position. Further the year needs caution for those who have been looking to work on partnership business. Saturn aspecting your sign will no let you progress easily. Misunderstanding can be high and you will have to put them to rest, amicably.With good career, health is also important and this is gain one area where Cancer native will have to careful. As Saturn is in its own house, it would make you quite sluggish and shall not let enjoy good sleep. Tension will be a common fact to worry. However, the good part is the transit of Jupiter upon the sign of Aquarius, which will contain any serious ailment this year. This should be seen as a relief in your health front.Finally, the year will end on a note on Married life and even in accumulation of wealth. Wealth creation may not be given much importance to ensure the proper usage of money to the appropriate purpose. Again, Married life will see some disturbance, if already married, but thankfully Jupiter’s transit upon Aquarius Zodiac sign will enable some support of elders who will enable mediation and resolve differences of opinion. If looking for a partner for marriage, ideally wait for some time to settle down permanently.

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