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Capricorn Capricorn Horoscope
( Dec 22 - Jan 19)

It's time to party, whether or not you have no reason for it. Friends and even acquaintances will be invited to take part in the celebrations; you will be all charged up to have a blast of a day, says Astrologer Anand. For those engaged in business, profits may come but it won't be the result of the efforts you put in. Any dealings related to real estate and construction will yield good results. As for professionals, bosses and close associates will extend their full support to whatever work you undertake.

28-02-2021 - 06-03-2021

You may be passionately romantic towards your partner this week. Your partner may also respond in kind. However, this may be an accident-prone week for children. Take extra precautions while with them. Also, try and be very careful while driving. This week you might plan for some exciting trips - either business or pleasure. You may also go on a trip this week with your family. You are likely to enjoy the trip. Besides, those who are looking for a job may get one this week. But they may have to work hard towards it. Prepare for the interview. Additionally, those in business or industry may make great progress this week. They may do very well in their current projects. With a little more effort they would take their business to new heights. Furthermore, students may get blamed for the mistakes committed by others this week. It may even be a case of being at the wrong place at the wrong time. Hence, stay cautious.

Mar 2021

["This may be a great month for self-improvement and for positive changes in every aspect of your life. But you’ll be able to do it only if you put your mind and heart into it. You are advised not to depend entirely on your fate as luck alone will not help you achieve great things in life. This month, you may have many responsibilities which can be a bit stressful for you. However, there may also be benefits if you succeed in reaching the expectations of your managers and bosses. Additionally, you may get a lot of opportunities to uplift your career. There are chances that you may get success if you're in the field of politics. However, this month may not be favorable for investment. Try to avoid investing a huge amount into business, especially related to clothing and beauty products. There are chances that some arguments may take place between you and your mother, due to an unfavorable planetary position. Hence, do not be aggressive while communicating and avoid unnecessary arguments with your mother. Your love life is likely to enhance this month. You may get many opportunities that will help you to get closer to your partner and make your relationship strong. Try to spend more quality time with your partner and understand each other in a better way. However, the atmosphere at home may not remain very cordial during this month. At this time, you should maintain your calm and try to resolve the issues in the best possible ways. There are chances of foreign travel towards the end of the month. Do take all the necessary precautions that may enable you to enjoy the trip. Plan your expenses accordingly and avoid wasting money on unnecessary things."]


The year 2021 is likely to a year with heavy transit effects upon your sign. In fact, for Capricorn native, the year 2021 will make you introspect your actions and can induce you to make adjustments. These chances will decide the future of your actions. In fact, the decision that you will take now and then follow it with actions will decide the outcome during the year. Therefore, the cosmic advice to you is to make sure you think deep before you decide any action. One of the first step that you will take is to rejig your finance. The transit of Jupiter and Saturn will make you spend, but on a calculative mode. Saturn, being the lord of Finance to your zodiac sign and Jupiter bring the house of loss, together will put you to work on those finance that will be secondary and irrelevant. Planning on investments and even controlling your expense will be the first step. If married, then you will keep a portion of your savings for the future commitments. Just try to make this as a routine practice. However, the year 2021 will be good for love and relationships. The ego clash that prevailed in the past will now completely subside. This will improve the bonding of the two side throughout the year. As Jupiter is out of the friction this year, you will be happy with your partner to spend a romantic moment. These were some interesting instances that you missed for long. Further the year 2021 will be good for students planning to pursue higher studies. Especially in the area of research and experimentation. The combination of Jupiter and Saturn will make you good at taking up areas of study that can include Finance, Language and Engineering. Further the transit of Venus around March and April can also give boost to students interested in fine arts or creative studies. You can even take one of the subjects as your majors and master in the same. This can support your career decision in the long run. When academics is supportive, will this also support your career and business graph? Then the answer is yes! The year is good for career progress, for those stepping out of high school or University exams. Though the first two quarters of the year will be challenging, the second half of the month will give you opportunities to settle down. A little of patience will be ideal to help you. Further for those who are already employed, the year will be progressive. Returns of your hard work is likely to be interesting, but you will have to take up your work seriously. Plan your career accordingly this year. The one area that will demand attention this year will be your health. Given the transit of Saturn and Jupiter, the dual transit is likely to make your year stressful. But despite being stressful, you will also be careful of your fitness by taking up adequate sleep to keep yourself fit and health. The transit of Jupiter in Aquarius for the whole year will bring the grace in your life. Therefore, this will improve your fitness and health. When health is well maintained, you automatically develop an inclination to gain good wealth. Therefore, the year 2021 will be slow, but steady to maintain and improve your position in wealth. Those into business are advised to be careful this year. If planning to expand or looking for a long-term investment scheme, then the year is not likely to be supportive. Try to avoid investing in long term schemes. Again, if planning to marry, then the year is very good to decide the same. Starting since January 2021, the year will bring many good proposals for marriage that you can consider. The good part is that you will marry the person whom you know for ages.

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