Best Astrologer Pandith Anand Shastry
Leo Leo Horoscope
( Jul 23 - Aug 22)

You will think of decorating or renovating your house today. You will likely buy some new decorative articles for your house today. You will take a huge business related or financial risk today but due to Astrologer Anand's blessings it will transform into substantial gain for you.

29-03-2020 - 04-04-2020

During this period, the ever-present Sun rules your zodiac. The movement of the Sun carries a lot of importance for you. Moving through the ninth house, the exalted Sun is linked with luck and success amongst other things.Speaking of luck, it continues to take your side and support your endeavours. However, all is not positive. There might be an unhappy proposition due to the movement of Saturn through the seventh house. Businessmen my need to follow-up in order to strike lucrative deals. Career-oriented people may have to burn the midnight oil to meet upcoming deadlines. Those who are single, might develop feelings for a co-worker. The planetary movements will support them on this endeavour. With regards to finance, expect a healthy financial position during this period.

Mar 2020

During this month, entertainment, decoration and cosmetic businesses might thrive. Traders and manufacturers may both benefit, equally. Salaried employees may do well not to argue with their superiors. This month might be good for all hard-working students, and diligence, concentration, focus and hard work need to be their main mantras. A lot of effort and perseverance may be required, for the upcoming exams. During this phase, you may be able to clear all past misunderstandings with your friends. Additionally, you may be happy with the independent and positive outlook of your children. The academic growth they exhibit may also be very impressive. During this phase, your siblings may be full of love and respect for you. Your energy and vigour may help you cope with hectic situations and big workloads. Take an occasional break. It might do you good. This month might see readymade garments, hosiery, apparel, entertainment and cosmetic businesses thrive. Traders and commission agents may both earn fantastically. Students who appear for various competitive exams, may achieve excellent results. Students may bubble with energy and enthusiasm, through the month. Salaried employees may not get the amount of cooperation they desire from their superiors. You may have issues completing assigned tasks within the stipulated time. Retailers, wholesalers and commission businessmen may do exceedingly well. Focus, concentration and hard work need to be the mantra for students this month. Students may also need to put in extra efforts to ace competitive exams.


At the beginning of the year, the Sun, who is the king of the Zodiac, seems to be ruling your sign. The union of major planets is seen to be positioned in the sixth house. This means that major changes could be expected. But along with changes, come newer challenges as well. Challenges could either be in terms of finances or on the work front. But what’s important to know is that nothing is lost. Keep calm and try not stressing over things unnecessarily. A peaceful mind shall help you fight through this stage. But for that, you need to accept your limitations and then strive to better yourself. The year seems to be good for you, and there is nothing major that you need to worry about at all.', ' From March 5 onwards, you might face some issues regarding the property you hold. Ignore any and every property deals that come your way during this phase. From mid-April onwards, everything starts to settle down. Also, in this phase, you shall be able to close all the remaining real estate deals and solve the issues about it. But do not indulge in any sort of give and take in terms of property between September 10 and November 14.Also, avoid rushing into making decisions about buying and selling the property. Give it proper time and a proper thought before making any hasty decisions. Post-June 29, as Mars enters into its own sign Aries, and moves through the ninth house, good luck seems to chance upon you. Sales improve, projects get appreciated and mostly, everything goes smoothly as planned. During this phase the progressive forces seem to be working in your favour and life becomes less hassle-free.', 'For those who would like to start planning for the wedding or wish to propose to someone, there couldn’t be a more approachable time. Try doing something grand yet simple. Roses are a great way to go. If everything else is in a perfect place, even you will be more confident while proposing. As Jupiter has an eye over the second house, it denotes a positive influence. The presence of Jupiter shall protect your interests and also help push your prospects and portfolio in terms of finance. All your personal, routine, and incidental expenses shall be managed without any hassle. So, make hay while the sun shines! Increase your savings and investments. Or go on that shopping splurge you’ve always wanted to go for.', 'As Saturn moves through the seventh house, which is in the opposite direction of the sign, innovative ideas shall start forming in your mind. At the same time, even obstacles might appear if proper attention is not paid. If you happen to run a business with a partner, it would be advisable to discuss all the plans and then proceed. Make communication extremely clear and see to it that after the briefing, both parties are on the same page. To convert your ideas into concepts, discussions, and brainstorming will be required.

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