Best Astrologer Pandith Anand Shastry
Libra Libra Horoscope
( Sep 23 - Oct 22)

Astrologer Anand says those of you in the field of art will find immense success. You will be able to please your beloved with your presence and also shower them with gifts. You may buy something expensive as a gift today. You will also focus on a long-term goal today. Astrologer Anand showers you with his blessings always.

19-01-2020 - 25-01-2020

Stay patient and calm as there are obstacles in your career path this week. You will be burdened with work but consult your seniors to ease your problems. Delays are expected where progress is concerned. Do not lose hope. This is a happy time for you as your partner and you are comfortable with each. Those who are dating, can their relationship to the next level. Married couples should plan a trip. Keep a control on your ego and anger. You may win the scholarship you are aiming for! DO not overanalyze or overthink your past performances. Try study groups as they will be beneficial for you. For higher studies, you may have to wait for more time. Finances are good in this phase. But maintain a balance between your earnings and expenses. Do not lend money to anyone. For investments, seek expert advice. Don’t be casual about your health. Practice Yoga and meditation. Stick to a healthy routine. Your emotional well-being needs attention.

Jan 2020

You are in for a month full of ups and downs. In terms of relationships, you will be seen making efforts to please your beloved. You could try going on a long drive or to the movies. As for finances, this phase will prove fruitful for you. However, it would be wise to keep a watch on your expenditure. You are likely to face delays in payments. Also, steer clear from lending money during this phase. Career-wise, you may be required to work extra hard and not garner the desired praise. For those married or in committed relationships, this may not be all that ideal. You may have many fights with your beloved. You may even think of leaving them. However, you are advised against it. You cannot throw a relationship away just because you’re facing a few issues. If you give it time and dedication, the two of you will be able to resolve your differences. Stay patient and calm as there are obstacles in your career path during this phase. You will be burdened with work but consult your seniors to ease your problems. Delays are expected where progress is concerned. Do not lose hope. This is a happy time for you as your partner, and you are comfortable with each.


The presence of major planets like Jupiter, Mercury and Saturn in the fourth house denotes that a major change is in the offing. So, get ready to ride the train of success. Everything you ever dreamt of might come true. Your hard work and talent will take you places. Financially, things will start looking good. Even your career is all set to take a leap. However, you are reminded that nothing compares to hard work. You need to keep working hard to get the desired results because only with constant effort and perseverance can one achieve the great things in life. Because Saturn is placed in the tenth house and has a major influence on your sun-sign, you may face a few challenges this year, says Astrologer Anand. After all, no pain, no gain, right? These challenges will only hone your personality and prepare you for a better life ahead. You need to accept the challenges and push yourselves to work harder. The tougher you are, the easier the journey will be. All you need to do is to stay positive. This will be a great thing for your career and other things in life as well.', 'The ruler of your sign, Venus will be moving favourably till the first week of February. This movement of Venus will definitely brighten your future prospects. Around the same time, wily Saturn will be entering Aquarius as well. The shifting of Saturn into the fifth house is likely to benefit people in business more than anyone else. People involved in any sort of business will get a major boost in their growth possibilities. Overall, people affiliated with business will have a great year ahead. Not just in terms of profit-making, but also with respect to the overall growth of the business.', 'All the goal-oriented individuals will find a steady rise in their income. Multiple sources of income will be generated this year. The opportunity to invest will also present itself. Go ahead and make very good use of it. However, just because things look great, you should not forget to plan. Figuring out your yearly budget and working towards saving more and more every month has to remain your primary goal. From around end of June, Mars enters its own sign, Aries and moves through the seventh house. This is in opposition to your sign. day to day activities will not move smoothly now. Hence, the savings. You must work on your self-esteem too. This will help you keep your cool even during the toughest of times.

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