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Libra Libra Horoscope
( Sep 23 - Oct 22)

It is very likely that you will arouse immense jealousy in others with your success and growth in business. Your business rivals may attempt to dent your credit worthiness in one way or the other. You may prefer to deal with them subtly rather than confront them openly, feels Astrologer Anand.

14-07-2019 - 20-07-2019

You may feel very fresh and energetic for yourself during this week. It is recommended for you to utilize your energy in the right direction. Your personality may get more attractive during this time. Your communication skills may help you in completing your task this week. There are chances of some issues in your family. Your professional life would be amazing. If you want to change your job, you may get successful. Your relationship with your siblings may get some issues. You are likely to get good financial support during this week. If you are planning for a long traveling, this week may favor you. Though, you may have to face some issues in the trip. Students may go for a picnic this week which may impact the studies. For your love and relationship, this week may prove quite average. Overall, this week is likely to provide you with mixed results.

Jul 2019

This month may prove full of ups and downs for your life. You may feel confusing in your personal life; there are chances of stress in your relationship thus you would have to be careful during this month. There are chances of misunderstandings as well which may hurt your feelings, and you may think of breaking your relationship. You would also have to be cautious of your health as seasonal changes may affect your health. For your business, job, or career, you may find this month in your favor. You may get results as per your hard work; though you would maintain your current situation during July. You may incur expenses to satisfy your family member’s needs. You may take important decisions related to land, house, and vehicle during this period. If you are expected to do documentation work during this month, you may have to think twice before initiating anything in order to avoid unexpected issues during this time. For students, this month may prove very excited. For your married life, this month may give you mixed results.


Libra life in 2019, may have a blend of both rises and falls of situations and outcomes. You may see an increase in your level of reputation in the society, due to the effect of Jupiter. But as per the Libra 2019 horoscope, there may be hurdles that you have to deal with while making money due to the effect of Saturn. This will also have an impact on your mindset which will receive a lot of strain and tension as well. Furthermore, you will also witness stress and face a lot of struggle in your relationship with your spouse, so try to be more calm and composed rather than firing back, says Astrologer Anand. Rahu, on the other hand will have both negative and positive affect in your life, where, on one side you will be honoured by people and on the other, it will have an impact on your business. As per the 2019 Libra horoscope, you may eventually be able to find some sort of stability during this period of time, and thus you should make the most out of it. So, try to hold on to any and every opportunity that you get so that you can be very productive and be able to set yourself in every possible way. Keep in mind to stay away from any kind of quarrel or heated discussion at this point of time. The movement of Venus with Rahu and Jupiter, this year, will throw you in a better place, which is a good sign. But you may also feel uneasy, nervous and anxious due to the transit of Saturn and Ketu. So it is recommended to deal with this time, with equanimity and self control, which will be really beneficial for you. Libra is known to attain stability and maintain an equilibrium, to be impartial and see things as it is, which gives them the power to balance themselves in the best manner possible, in accordance with the Libra 2019 predictions. You people have a chance to go out of the country, for further studies as this period is the most constructive and productive time, which will give you very good results, according to the Libra horoscope 2019. Apart from this, it is also important to take care of your children’s health and hygiene. To add further, this year, make sure that you take really good care of your health and are conscious about it, as there is a possibility that you may have a negative influence on your health. On a positive note, you will see economical gains as your source of income increases, making you a lot more stable than before, financially, but your weak health may give you a hard time and make you uncomfortable on a mental level, as per the Libra life in 2019. So, make sure that you deal with all such issues wisely and do the needful without any procrastination.

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