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Pisces Pisces Horoscope
( Feb 19 - Mar 20)

The day will start off on a sour note for you. But as the day progresses you will find your mood elevated. If you wish to progress in life, you need to stop minor setbacks from upsetting you disproportionately. Keeping your emotions in check will be vital for taking critical decisions and in meeting your deadlines today, says Astrologer Anand.

19-01-2020 - 25-01-2020

Work hard and stay focused. Your efforts will be recognised by your seniors and will earn your praise. You may get a promotion and a salary hike. Education-wise, you are advised to avoid any kind of distractions and stay focused. If you are appearing for competitive exams, you will do well. In terms of your finance, this is may not be a good time for you. At this time, there will be good cash flow and you will be able to enjoy all the luxuries of life. As for your personal life, you must remember that love and respect go a long way so try to treat each other with mutual respect. Be patient and give them space. Your health is expected to be good in this phase and you may be safe from any looming health issues. But this doesn’t mean that you become careless. Take proper care of your health even if you feel fit and fine.

Jan 2020

In terms of career, this is a good time for your career. Work harder and put in more efforts to ensure all your tasks are completed in time. As for education, stay focused and determined to excel in your academics. You will excel at work but do not take things for granted. Do not be over confident. Seek advice from mentors. Study hard and stay focused. This is a good time for you if you are looking to switch your job. However, take an offer and only then quit. Keep up your hard work, and you will earn recognition and praise from your seniors. If you are a businessman, you will do well. As for students, if you are preparing for government entrance exams for jobs, you will succeed. As a student pursuing higher studies abroad, work harder. You may get a promotion and a salary hike. Education-wise, you are advised to avoid any kind of distractions and stay focused. If you are going to appear for competitive exams, you will do well. Stay humble and work harder as this is a golden period for you. Arrogance will be your downfall. As a student, you will need a lot of conviction to stay true to your academic goals towards the end of the month. Avoid any kind of distractions.


Your success this year depends upon the movement of the planets. It is predicted that the movement of Mercury and Capricorn at the beginning of the year indicates that you are to receive greater monetary gains this year. Of course, you need to promptly respond to opportunities that come your way with regards to finance or occupation. A miss on these opportunities may not be in the best of your interest and can lead you to an unexpected loss. It is predicted that you may develop a new relationship this year. You are likely to boost your interests with regards to finances or occupation due to the entry of this new relationship. There are no major expenditures that are incurred in this year by you as per the movement of planets of your sign. You are likely to save money for the future.', ' From March 23, Saturn enters Aquarius through the 12th house of your sign. The movement of Saturn to the 12th house indicates upcoming expenses. Thus, it is advised to plan your expenses well in advance to avoid any kind of over-expenditure. Keep from using your savings and aim to save more. Plan your finances in such a way that they prove to be beneficial in the longer run. From July 4, Venus enters Gemini through the fourth house. This movement indicates that you must keep a stringent check on your personal affairs. Buying a property to lead a peaceful life can be considered in this phase. Nonetheless, planets that were involved in your birth chart have much to say about your life in this year. From June 29, Mars enters Aries through the second house of your sign. This movement again might not be in the best of your interest concerning finances. You may face issues with your family. It is advised to tackle each situation with utmost patience. Aim to preserve the peace and harmony in the family. This year indicates fluctuations in financial matters.', 'The planetary positioning at the beginning of the year will work in your favor well enough concerning financial gains. Two major planets from the eleventh house are highly beneficial for you this year. Situations or instances may arise where you shall spend an exquisite amount of money. However, keep from spending unwanted expenses and make a list of articles or expected expenses. This shall help you keep up with your budget and reverse the situation. Saving money can prove to be beneficial. Once the money is saved, it only helps and supports you in times of need. Thus, be prepared for the worst with a backup plan for things that might not go as planned where finances are concerned.

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