Best Astrologer Pandith Anand Shastry
Sagittarius Sagittarius Horoscope
( Nov 22 - Dec 21)

All things bright and beautiful in store for you today, predicts Astrologer Anand. Your focus improves as your vision becomes clear and ideas innovative. You may even sort out the troubles that you are going through, since past few days. You are likely to make contacts that would prove beneficial in future. In the evening, look forward to family reunion and merry-making.

29-03-2020 - 04-04-2020

During this period, planetary positions show a person needs to put more effort into achieving the goals that they have set for themselves. Mars and Saturn move through the third house, something that presents new challenges. Accept these challenges, and create a strategy so you may proceed on the road to success, unhindered. If you are going on a short-term trip, take care. If you are a businessman, do keep following up on those lucrative deals. You need to remain in a healthy, financial position and manage routine and incidental expenses comfortably. In terms of health, diabetics need to be extra careful. Singletons may find themselves developing a fruitful relationship with a person of the opposite gender.

Mar 2020

This might be a favourable month for those in the printing and transportation business. Businessmen and traders associated with the trading of printed material and stationery products also may make good profits. Students who are pursuing arts and commerce may surprise everyone with the extent of their progress. Overall, the enthusiasm and positivity of students during this phase may inspireeveryone. During this phase, businesses may be able to reach their desired turnover. Their profits may also substantially increase. Arts and commerce students might receive a lot of help from their professors. They may do well to remain attentive in class, as this may positively impact their results. During this phase, your siblings may help you out in navigating complex issues. This month may see businessmen and salaried individuals presented with both good and deceptive opportunities. Evaluate every offer, and do not accept any with haste. Be aware of all pros and cons. Students may be inclined towards extra-curricular activities, as mid-month approaches. They might do well to give their studies extra importance. You may brim with positivity and confidence during the month. You may also be able to implement a lot of new business strategies. Some business trips may be in the pipeline. Students may be full of positivity and enthusiasm during this phase. They may take part in, and win several competitions. Everyone might be pleased with your all-round performance. However, be careful when overspending is concerned.


The positioning of the planets at the beginning of the year plays a vital role in the overall growth of a person during the entire year. Jupiter, Saturn, and Mercury will enter Capricorn. However, Jupiter weakens as it enters Capricorn at the beginning of the year. All the planets are in the second house of the sign and the second house is linked with finances and relationships. The presence of Saturn here is to bring wisdom and peace in an individual’s life. Since the planets are in the second house which pertains to finances, Saturn allows a person to use his wisdom in financial dealings this year. You are likely to see an increase in the inflow of liquid cash. Thus, you shall be able to save more money than usual. This year you must pay due heed to your family and matters concerning it. Increasing the time, resources and attention towards your relationship will prove to be beneficial. The weakened Jupiter at this stage has an eye over the sixth and tenth house of the sign. Jupiter’s influence over the tenth house is directly related to the prospects of prosperity on the occupational front. People who belong to the service class shall witness growth and opportunities this year. This happens due to the positioning of the planets. On the other hand, business-persons are likely to strike a profitable deal with a reputed company or client. Your health is better this year and from the beginning of February, you shall witness productive and progressive forces around you. However, come mid-February and business will start to mellow down. At this point, mercury is seen retrograding to Aquarius through the third house of the sign. After this period, things start to revive and occupational gains fall in line. However, this shall only be possible if one works day and night to make things possible.', ' Talking about the time frame post-March 10, Mercury becomes more direct while being in Aquarius. Around mid-April, due to Mercury’s movement into Aries, the beginning of something new can be expected. It could be a new venture, a new relationship, better health or anything else. Come what may, do not lose hope or give up. Keep yourself motivated and work honestly. Another movement of the planets is witnessed here, which is Venus entering Gemini through the seventh house. This movement may not be an ideal one as it can cause friction in a relationship with either your partner or business. Hence, keep your head held high and face the challenges that come your way. Do not indulge in any arguments or altercations for it is not the right time to get into a verbal miscommunication. Mars enters Aries from June 29 through the fifth house. This movement keeps you occupied with the workload and thus, proper planning of work is a must. Being patient is the key to success and you need to be utterly patient in this phase.

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