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Scorpio Scorpio Horoscope
( Oct 23 - Nov 21)

Everything is fair in love and war, however, make sure your love story does not turn into a cold-war. It may happen that romance may make you altogether a different person. By the end of the day, you may solve the differences that lead to a cold-war between you and your beloved, says Astrologer Anand.

19-01-2020 - 25-01-2020

Stay determined. Be focused on your work. You will yield good results and this will boost your morale on the work front. Education - Make the most of this phase as your chances of achieving academic success are greater. Continue to work hard and put in your efforts. Good time to pursue new things. Finance - Income is good in this phase but be careful of expenditures. ROI of investments from stocks are profitable. Best to seek advice for risky investments. Relationship - Love is in the air! It is a positive time for you and your partner. If you plan to get married, this is the right time as your family will approve.Health - Do not take health lightly. Try to keep away from junk food or you will fall ill. Stay calm and practice Yoga.

Jan 2020

This is a good time for you to progress and explore new opportunities. Promotion and a raise in salary might be on the cards. Continue to hard work and put in your best efforts. However, around the middle of the month, be ready for professional setbacks. Be patient and stay calm. Avoid getting into office politics. This is a challenging phase for you. A good time for students. You will get good results in your examinations. Avoid any kind of distraction, but do not ignore extra-curricular activities. Stay determined. Be focused on your work. You will yield good results, and this will boost your morale on the work front. Make the most of this phase as your chances of achieving academic success are greater. The natives of Scorpio are likely to find this month extremely favourable in terms of love and relationships. Singles are likely to meet someone interesting during this phase. As for those in committed relationships, you will get the opportunity to spend a lot of time with your beloved. You will be recognised and feel more confident. For sales and marketing professionals, you will bring in big customers. In terms of your academics, you are advised to work harder as the end of the month may be a testing time for you.


This year you start on a beneficial front. The ruling planet of your sign; Mars, is in such a position that yields progressive occupational and financial growth to those who belong to the sign. Here, two important planets; Saturn and Jupiter along with Mercury align with the earth sign Capricorn. Saturn being an individual planet and is the ninth house, which indicates fortune. Thus, Lady Luck is sure to shine on those who work hard. The positioning of Saturn suggests being extremely cautious in day to day affairs such as crossing a road. While on the other hand, Jupiter keeps transiting in Capricorn for the better part of a year as Jupiter keeps protecting one’s interest. A business trip for an executive or salesperson is seen happening in the near future.', ' The movement of Saturn and Jupiter proves to be supportive as well as beneficial for you. A time frame from the beginning of the year to the end of February seems to be productive and progressive. The occupational front may mellow in mid-February but do not lose hope. Working continuously may yield desired results. Mercury moving in retrograde mode enters a fixed nature and the last of the air sign, Aquarius, from March 5. From March 10 onwards, Mercury is in direct motion. Thus, the movement of Mercury and Aquarius may bring some stagnation. However, keep moving forward with vigor and relentless efforts for they shall be rewarded. Saturn enters Aquarius through movement in the Fourth House. Transiting Saturn has a direct aspect over the tenth house. This transition brings on a challenging front, thus, working with due diligence can overcome the obstacles that come your way. ', 'The beginning of July sees the hustle and bustle of planets. Saturn starts to move in a retrograde mode and enters Capricorn. Thus, both Jupiter and Saturn transit in retrograde through the third house. According to Astrologer Anand, such a movement of planets can lead to certain fruitful activities. No financial loss or gain is witnessed during this time. However, from the end of September, Saturn comes directly in motion along with Jupiter. Ruler of this sign Mars enters its own sign Aries and becomes retrograde from September 10. Mars moves through the sixth house. Thus, three planets have an impact over the ninth house. This challenging phase can be overcome by utter concentration and focus. This phase indicates progress, productivity, and efficiency. Don’t lose hope for after every sunset, there is a sunrise. There is always something better for you if things do not go as planned.

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