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Taurus Taurus Horoscope
( Apr 20 - May 20)

Religious sentiments will be ruling your thoughts today, says Astrologer Anand. This is a great day for making a trip to a temple or a popular religious destination. You should take your parents and other family members along on this auspicious journey. Your parents are sure to pray shower their love and blessings upon you and pray for your well being. All in all, the day will turn out to be a hectic, and tiring one; but, very satisfying and enjoyable.

31-05-2020 - 06-06-2020

This week brings forth debilitating issues with respect to your career. These issues have the potential to upset your plans regarding your future. In order to prevail over this scary situation, you need to keep working hard. The outcome of all your endeavors will be delayed. Students are going to ace their upcoming examinations or tests. Teens getting ready for Board exams are well poised for a blistering outcome; but tireless effort is a prerequisite for that. You need to maintain a strict and sparse budget. If you don’t balance your expenses, your financial position can get dicey. Romance is going to be a combination of joy and sorrow. You need to be attentive to the feelings of your partner. Suspicion and unfounded doubt can strain your bond. Luckily, you will get to spend plenty of time with your partner. A stomach infection, headache or fever might annoy you in an otherwise normal week.

Jun 2020

This month may bring forth debilitating issues with respect to your career. These issues have the potential to upset your plans regarding your future. In order to prevail over this scary situation, you need to keep working hard. The outcome of all your endeavors may be delayed. You are likely going to be very enthusiastic in your endeavors at the office. You might focus on the work assigned to you. You may be in a powerful position. You need to stay cool at your workplace and not engage in futile arguments with colleagues. If you work with the government, a change of place seems possible. The profit margin for you this month is likely going to be huge. There might be some issues with co-workers. Students are likely going to ace their upcoming examinations or tests. Academically, you are predicted to be in a secure position. This may be a particularly rewarding month for those who have plans to go abroad. Students preparing for competitive exams for entry into government agencies are expected to have a rough time; whereas school kids are anticipated to see a smooth routine. Business owners who work with the government or courts are expected to face stiff competition from their peers. They need to be careful in this regard. They are likely to get a lucrative deal. For people in relationships, they might have mixed results this month. You might see both sweet and sour moments in your relationship. Your overall health is likely going to be fine. No major illnesses are foreseen.


For the natives of Taurus this year, Saturn seems to be housed in its own sign of Capricorn. However, with Jupiter and Mercury appear to be a little weak in the 9th position, there is nothing to worry about. On the contrary, the positioning of the planets seems to be favouring you as they are seen to be progressing by leaps and bounds. If you put your heart and work hard towards your goals, you might find some stark changes taking place. Travelling seems to be on the cards as you might be pushed towards visiting a religious place. This could help you be closer to God and rethink a lot of things to give you perspective.Since you seem to be occupied with your thoughts, a simple trip could help you unwind and relax. Your work might take priority, but remember that resting is as important as working. A travel trip could help you open up to newer ideas and battle the stress. Since travel seems to be written on your cards, according to Astrologer Anand, go to places that are green and clean as fresh air will be good for you.', 'According to Astrologer Anand, around the 29th of June, Mars enters Aries, and it might seem as though you have no control over things. It is advisable to postpone making any big decisions regarding finance or even occupation. Astrologer Anand says, your decision-making skills will be tested and therefore try not to make any significant commitment. Stick to comfortable decisions for the time being as they won’t rebound back negatively. Even though you might want to start saving money for the future, this period shall have you make unwarranted expenses on things. Keep a conscious note on where your money is going. If the stubborn side of the bull takes over, you will want to buy things impulsively which might not help you later. So be prepared and think twice before investing in anything.', 'As someone who’s always been tactful in handling tensed situations, you will be able to keep everyone happy at home and also maintain a peaceful environment. Your communication skill is your biggest asset. Use that correctly and your family will look forward to spending more time with you. According to Astrologer Anand, your family is your strength, so see to it that you devote enough time to them and not prioritize work over family time. As Venus enters a dual with Gemini from April 4 onwards, the period is a harbinger of good news for you and your family!

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