Best Astrologer Pandith Anand Shastry
Virgo Virgo Horoscope
( Aug 23 - Sep 22)

Today is a day for introspection and you will find yourself in a pensive mood. Astrologer Anand advises you to search for the inner peace that you want. Stay calm to discover the hidden treasures within you. In the evening you will be glad to help someone who is in need of it.

31-05-2020 - 06-06-2020

The first four days of the week are the very favourable for businessmen. Competition will not be an issue. Business touring may also increase for them. Hang on and stay positive! Commerce and accounting students will excel. The week seems to be very favourable for students intending to go abroad in pursuit of higher studies. Master degree students will need to retain their focus. Salaried employees as well as businessmen will both remain financially stable. Employees are likely to get an increment, arrears or incentives. We recommend, businessmen concentrate and focus upon overseas business. Singles may fall in love during this time and may witness their relationship getting stronger by the day. Extramarital affairs will be exposed during this week. During the last day of the week, there are chances of issues related with your liver, stomach, hands, legs or shoulders. This may adversely affect your performance at work. Your self-esteem and confidence will improve.

Jun 2020

The initial days of the month are likely going to favor businessmen. Competition may not be an issue. Extensive traveling is on the cards for them. Matters related to Government, bank, or court would get resolved. Businessmen may conquer all kinds of competition with the help of a financier. Students may be required to work diligently and hard to achieve desired results. Students may remain very enthusiastic about their studies during the last three days of the month. Commerce and accounting students may excel. The month seems to be very favorable for students intending to go abroad in pursuit of higher studies. For love and relationships, the initial days of the month are likely going to be fantastic. Singles may fall in love during this month. Also, your relationship with your partner may get stronger. You may also enjoy good health and well-being during this time. Overall, this month is good for you. For finance-related matters, this month is likely going to be good. However, you might face some financial crunch in the initial days of the month. This month may prove to be good for matters related to your health. However, you need to take additional care of your health during the last days of the month.


As your planetary positions are studied, it can be said that the year 2020 holds some great news for you. A major development has been predicted in terms of your personality. Progressive forces are working their charm and can keep you on your toes. As Mercury enters Gemini from around mid of May, the career-oriented and business people seem to have a gainful time coming their way. Make good use of this supportive time to enhance your prospects. Businessmen and women seem to be gaining the most out of this time as good profits seem to be hitting the roof at the beginning of the year. Although little changes might be necessary like lowering the margin, in the end, the product or the service they provide tends to stand out in the market. Competition is also given a tough fight. New deals and ventures seem to be gaining momentum. For the employees, this seems a golden time to shine out. If you start voicing opinions and sharing ideas, then you shall find that everyone at work is impressed with you. You might also be able to get an unexpected raise. But whatever you plan to do, put it all out in the first half of the year.', ' The transit of Mars from June 29 to the end of the year isn’t as eventful as it might seem if you don’t start planning your finances properly. It is good to spend money on yourself, but go easy as you might exhaust your entire income on things that may not be as important as you think. Once you execute due discrimination, you’ll realize how much you can save for the future. As per Astrologer Anand, start keeping aside little of your income every month for expenses that might not be foreseen. Money does not come easy to everyone, and so you will have to start making contingency plans for the future when it comes to saving. Save a little every month and keep it for a rainy day. The period from the 23rd of March seems to support you in case you would like to buy or sell some property. But, think carefully about it and then proceed. Between July and October, you are likely to face some issues regarding the investments and property. Tread carefully before finalizing any property deals during this phase.', 'Those who run their own business seem to be in a happy place! Profitable deals tend to find their way right to your doorstep, and there’s nothing you have got to be worried about. Major deals bring in major profits. This year seems to be extremely generous for you. The positions of the planets seem to be working their magic. Now all that is required is for you to enhance your reputation as an honest and trust-worthy business person. Aim to make quality products and deliver in bulk. This might help the market realize that there’s new and un-beatable competition in the league. These steps will help you improve your prospects so that you are noticed. Always proceed with one aim that customers are your king and your business is to please them. Once you can put that message across, nothing could stand in your way.

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