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Virgo Virgo Horoscope
( Aug 23 - Sep 22)

Sense and sensibilities will prevail today as you address relationships. On the emotional front, you may be unclear and oscillate between what you feel and what you really expected of you. But in the end, you may well end up following your inner voice than depend on others. Your intuition is invincibly strong, says Astrologer Anand.

28-02-2021 - 06-03-2021

This week may bring positive change in your career path amid some uncertainties. However, you may remain somewhat confused till the middle of this week. Nevertheless, the latter part may bring suitable opportunities for progress. Financial stars may shine brightly but some unavoidable expenses may cause some disruptions. But, you may be able to manage your budget efficiently and it may surely help you to keep your financial position solid and strong. Furthermore, this week is likely to bring a mixed bag of events for you on the relationship front. You may develop a romantic relationship but, you will not be able to talk to your mate freely as some confusions may bother you. Besides, students are likely to perform well in their studies. Your ability to learn new things may help you to improve your skills and knowledge this week. Moreover, this week may bring some lifestyle changes to improve your health and fitness levels.

Mar 2021

You have so much in store for you this month, it’s almost difficult to know where to begin. This month may bring some promising opportunities at your career front. Favorable planetary influences may help you in making good progress and your committed efforts are likely to bring you gains and praises. As the month begins, it may bring positive changes in your career and help you to achieve desired results, amid stiff challenges. Financial progress is also foreseen.But at the same time, you may have some unavoidable expenses which may affect your financial planning. However, the transiting Venus may support and help you to maintain financial stability. Alco, the planet of love - Venus may also help you develop a romantic relationship too. But, you may not be able to express your feelings clearly to mate due to the impact of Saturn. The karmic planet may bring some confusion and affect your relationship. You are advised not to make any decision in haste, stay cautious, and keep calm. Moreover, at the education level, your ability to learn new things may help you to improve your skills and knowledge. Saturn may force you to bring some lifestyle changes in order to improve your health and fitness levels. There are high chances that you may be more inclined towards creative and recreational activities. During the latter part of the month, you may go to meet some old friends and plan out for a lavish dinner. Albeit, you may face some challenges during the month at your workplace due to the impact of Mars transit. But you are likely to overcome all the career obstacles with the help of your confidence and hard work. As the month progresses, you may receive some career growth opportunities. Hence, stay alert and do not let any rewarding opportunity slip away. There are chances of some expenses due to some social or religious ceremonies. But, you will manage the same very effectively and effortlessly. Students have to work hard in order to get the desired results. You may also face some health issues during the month due to your unhealthy diet and irregular eating habits. Try to follow a healthy diet and do exercise regularly, it will help you to maintain good health this month.


["Your time is good this year and you will be excited about some positive developments in your life. Creativity and enthusiasm will flow in whatever you do. You will also have a renewed interest in your life. However, when everything is moving in right direction this year, it it essential for you to understand and to know what you are getting into, and what are you expecting out of it. You need to figure out the value before you take a step forward. You need to identify the opportunities early, and a timely response to them is required or else you may miss the boat. Avoid being overconfident. A new kind of pressure may bother you around the middle part of this year not just about your personality or your resources. Rather, it will be more about mental output. Make sure you don't lose your balance while making any fresh move or important decisions.You are likely to feel a kind of pressure to create new ideas, and to make them work as you see tremendous inflow of creativity this year. You may also feel some unusual pressure to structure your life and resources. However, you will gain a greater depth of understanding of your life and the experiences that you have during the middle part of this year may make you able to take some wise decisions which you really can use to feel more effective in the world.This can be an important year of overcoming failures by constant hard work and perseverance. You may at times prefer a secluded environment and you may want to think more deeply about various issues in your life and such feelings will manifest strongly during the later part of year. This process to redefine your life and goals will bring clarity about how to proceed further in your life. Planetary positions during the ending part of year will make you a bit of a philanthropist. Your intellect is going to be the key to success this year. You will earn success thanks to your creativity, and the barrage of ideas that spout within you. This year will be a period of literal re-organization of your internal and external world. Though most of the period of this year will remain supportive and positive, there will be phases when you will be drawn by some unknown fear or strange feelings. Here you need to make logic your tool to understand the complexity of everything around you. There can be flaws in your thinking or decisions, and only experience and analysis can help you sort out the problems. Use logic in the right direction and for constructive reasons, and you shall attain wisdom and success for sure. If you have your basics right, everything else will be just a matter of time. Now you need to look at the bigger picture."]

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